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Break The Cycle

God's love for us is manifested in so many ways, and one specific way that His love is manifested is through deliverance from negative and destructive patterns and cycles in our lives. Jesus Christ paid the price for sin, transgressions, and iniquity with His shed blood on the cross. He paid the tremendous price for us to be free. The price has already been paid, and the work has already been done. Jesus declared, when He was on the cross, that "it is finished." This is what we refer to as the "finished works of the cross."

Jesus has already done His part. Now it is up to us to believe that it is done, agree with it, and receive it by faith. Jesus is our salvation. He is the one who saves us. Salvation is made available to us through Jesus Christ. The word "saved" comes from the Greek word "sozo."

The definition of the word is as follows:

Saved (sozo) = Delivered or protected:— heal, preserve, save, do well, be (make) whole. Keep safe and sound, rescue from danger or destruction. Save one suffering from disease, make well, heal, restore to health.

He delivers, heals us, rescues us, and saves us from evil, negative, and destructive patterns and cycles. If we can believe that when we receive Jesus, we receive the aspect of salvation that we go to Heaven when we die, we should also believe that we receive all the other aspects of salvation as well.

How do we receive salvation? We receive it by confessing with our mouths and believing with our hearts. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for our sins, paid the price and penalty for sin, transgression, and iniquity. Believe that He rose from the grave with all dominion, power, and authority. And by faith, confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord of your life.

Believe in the salvation that belongs to you through Jesus Christ. Believe and confess that the negative cycles and patterns are broken in your life. In prayer confess and declare your deliverance from destructive cycles.

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